Production & COVID-19

As this pandemic continues, we are here to help you continue to market your company and tell your story. In these times it may be necessary to keep crew to a minimum, so it is more important than ever to be sure that your condensed crew is the right one.

While Branch Media traditionally operates as a full-scale production team. At the heart of what we do is a two-man team with a 20-year history of successful projects. We are fully equipped to turnkey your project from a creative concept to a customized deliverable or anything in between with the utmost professionalism.



Our experience working with ad agencies to develop concepts and creative is an asset that we bring to every project. In addition, we organize and plan the production, assist with any logistics at the location, and pride ourselves on clear communication with all involved.


Scouting & Casting

Because we understand concept and direction, we recognize the importance of both location and talent. While not all projects will require extensive casting and scouting, when it is necessary, we’ve got you covered. We commonly block out scenes and shoot potential angles as we scout to fully vet any potential location. Moreover, we are plotting sun location, locating entries/exits, electrical options, and communication with location contacts about parking, load in, and protocol. In short, we’ve done this before – like a lot.

We can run a very streamline and simple casting which we coordinate, direct, shoot, and post for review. We work with all the local talent agencies as well as a network of “real people” actors.


Our core team

We combine the talents of a Writer/Producer/Director and a Cinematographer/Editor with a shared passion for storytelling and the technical proficiency of running a set. We cover the full gamut of high-quality professional video production needs. We’re creative, professional, experienced, and easy to work with.


Healthy Habits

Many of our clients are hospitals so we are used to working in environments where sanitation is a must. So, in this new pandemic environment, we’ve just stepped up our game. We are wiping down our equipment, wearing masks/gloves, and personally following social distancing and all other prevention-related guidelines.

We are ready to work with you.

Check out our 2-4 man crew production demo